Sunday, August 06, 2006

Welcome To Our Vacation

The following pictures capture our trip to Sweden and Iceland in July 2006. I hope you enjoy the scenery.

You can click on the photos to make them larger.

Iceland 14

In and around Reykjavik.

Iceland 13

More from Reykjavik.

Iceland 12

This is at the Blue Lagoon. Going here was the most touristy thing we did.

This is a natural hot/sulpher spring about 40 minutes outside of Reykjavik.

Iceland 11

About 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik.

Iceland 10

In and around Hellnar.

Iceland 9

Scenery in Hellnar.

Iceland 8

In and around Hellnar.

The bottom picture is a fantastic place to eat called Fjoruhusid. Get the fish soup.

Iceland 7

We went to a very small town called Hellnar for an overnight.

How small is Hellnar? It has nine year round residents.

Iceland 6

Some more scenery on the road to Hellnar about 200km outside of Rekjavik.

Iceland 5

From the you wouldn't believe it without a picture file....

The first picture, she appears to be pruning what could only be described as meat trees.

The second picture, the meat trees in their natural habitat in the fish and chips house.

Iceland 4

The red building in the background is not a common type of structure. We could not make out from the signage what it was.

The lake in the second picutre is right in middle of Reykjavic and called Tjornin Lake.

Iceland 3

These two pictures were taken at 11:30 pm near where we stayed.

There was sunset and sunrise but they were close enough, apparently, that it never got completely dark at night.

Iceland 2

Like the picture below from Sigtuna, this is artsy but neat.

This is taken in Reykjavik.

Iceland 1

This is looking at the main street in Reykjavik for shopping and eating, it is called Laugavegur. It continues behind us as we take this picture but it changes name to Bankaststraeti, where all the banks are.

Greenland 1

These are pictures of Greenland taken from the plane as we headed home.

Sweden 32

Skokloster Palace

Sweden 31

This is from inside the Skokloster Palace looking out. The palace is from the 1670's. It is unfinished as the lord of the manner died before it was completed. The workers stopped work because they would not get paid.

There is one room that was to be a ballroom (about the size of a basketball court) where the workers were when they stopped. There are tools from the workers left behind that are still there.

We could not take pictures in that part of the palace.

Sweden 30

A church in Sigtuna.

Sweden 29

Kind of an artsy photo but kind of neat.

Sweden 28

This is Sigtuna, the oldest city in Sweden. It dates back to 980 but we did not see any buildings that were that old. Sigtuna is about an hour or so out of Stockholm.

Sweden 27

Leaving Gamla Stan.

Sweden 26

Sweden 25

Sweden 24

Sweden 23

Joellyn takes a good photo.

Sweden 22

This was by far the most touristy thing we did in Sweden.

Sweden 21

A marching band on horseback.

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